Employees’ Perception on Involvement in Social Media and Performance in Workplace: A Study on Banking Professionals in Dhaka City


  • Tahsina Khan Bangladesh University of Professionals
  • Rezbin Nahar American International University - Bangladesh
  • Farheen Hassan American International University - Bangladesh
  • Susmita Halder American International University - Bangladesh
  • Ziarat H. Khan American International University - Bangladesh


Social networking sites, social media, organizational employee, job performance, job satisfaction


Over the last two decades, the worldwide popularity of social media has been rising at an unprecedented rate. The use of social networking sites in companies allows an effective way of communication among the organizational members, colleagues and customers. Although in recent times, the social media and online networking platforms are being considered among the top agenda for strategic marketing interventions, there appears to be very limited research of employees' social media use for work purposes. This paper analyzes the perception of service professionals about their involvement in social media and its impact on their job performance, considering the banking sector. For this, a questionnaire survey was conducted targeting the bank employees, who were chosen by convenient sampling. Responses were received from forty-three respondents, collected data were coded into SPSS to conduct descriptive and exploratory analysis. Findings of the study suggest that involvement in social media influences the employees to communicate their personal and professional achievements and other relevant information to the broader community. This subsequently helps them to develop professional networks, improve teamwork and enable them to feel good about their job performance. The outcomes of the study will provide empirical evidence on understanding employee engagement in social platforms and thus it also outlines strategic insights to the corporate managers about updating their social networking policy and practices. Additionally, the empirical findings will also add value in the digital marketing interventions to enhance the corporate image.




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Khan, T., Nahar, R., Hassan, F., Halder, S., & Khan, Z. H. (2021). Employees’ Perception on Involvement in Social Media and Performance in Workplace: A Study on Banking Professionals in Dhaka City. AIUB Journal of Business and Economics, 18(1), 99–112. Retrieved from https://ajbe.aiub.edu/index.php/ajbe/article/view/99

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