Archiving Policy

Digital Archiving: AJBE may adopt a policy to digitally archive all published articles to ensure long-term preservation and accessibility. This could involve storing articles in a digital repository or archiving platform that provides reliable and secure preservation of digital content.

Open Access Archiving: AJBE may choose to make its archived articles freely accessible to the public, following an open access policy. This could involve depositing articles in open access repositories or archives to promote widespread dissemination and use of research findings.

Version Archiving: AJBE may specify which versions of articles will be archived. This could include the final published version, the accepted manuscript version, or both. Archiving multiple versions of articles can provide a historical record of the research and allow for comparisons and analyses of changes over time.

Metadata Archiving: AJBE may ensure that comprehensive metadata, including article metadata such as title, authors, abstract, keywords, publication date, and other relevant information, are preserved and associated with the archived articles. This can facilitate discovery and retrieval of articles in the future.

Preservation Format: AJBE may specify the format in which articles will be archived to ensure long-term preservation. This could include file formats that are widely accepted, non-proprietary, and have robust preservation standards, such as PDF/A (PDF for archival) or XML (eXtensible Markup Language).

Archiving Partnerships: AJBE may establish partnerships with reputable archival organizations, libraries, or digital repositories to ensure the proper implementation and management of the archiving policy. This can ensure the integrity, authenticity, and longevity of the archived content.

Access Rights: AJBE may define the access rights and permissions for the archived articles, including who can access the articles, under what conditions, and for what purposes. This can include options for embargo periods, where articles are initially archived but not immediately accessible to the public.

Update and Review: AJBE may periodically review and update its archiving policy to ensure it aligns with best practices and technological advancements in the field of digital preservation. This can ensure that the archived articles remain accessible and usable in the future.

It's important to note that the specific archiving policy for a journal like AJBE would be determined by the journal's editorial board, publisher, and other relevant stakeholders, and may vary depending on the journal's scope, field, and other factors.