The Contribution of remittances on woman empowerment in Bangladesh


  • Rezbin Nahar American International University-Bangladesh
  • Farheen Hasan American International University-Bangladesh
  • Kamrul Mohammed Hasan American International University-Bangladesh
  • Khairul Alom Northern University Bangladesh


Purpose of the study: This paper emphasizes on the impact of remittances on women empowerment in Bangladesh. The word women empowerment has been justified by using six variables that covers socio-economic aspects.

Methodology: To investigate the relationship this study mainly depends on time series data for the period of 1990 to 2021. The person correlation, regression analysis has been conducted to justify the proposition of contrition of remittances on women empowerment. The robustness check was done by employing fully modified OLS method.

Findings: The results of regression show that secondary and tertiary education level, women role as employers, women involvement in the services sectors and first marriage decision at the age of 18 have significant relationship with remittances received by individual family. Moreover, the results of FMOLS also in favor of regression findings.

Implications(practical): These findings are insightful and beneficial for the government bodies, policy makers to make strategic decision for women in the forthcoming days. This paper will also add to the existing literature on women's empowerment in Bangladesh and beyond.

Limitations and Future Directions: Quantitative analysis was used to complete the study, but additional interviews or focus groups would lend credibility and make the study more policy relevant. In the future, researchers may choose to employ a mixed method. Women's economic contributions as migrants will be discussed along with associated issues.




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