Impact of Covid-19 on Private Higher Educational Institutions (PHEIs) in Bangladesh: Challenges and Policy Responses


  • Dr. Rezbin Nahar American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)
  • Dr. Foyasal Khan International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Farheen Hassan American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)


Private Higher Educational Institutions (PHEIs), Private University, Financial Crisis, Future Impact of Covid-19, UGC


This paper investigates the likely impact of Covid-19 on private higher educational institutions (PHEIs) in Bangladesh. To conduct the study, a qualitative approach has been employed based on interviewing 8 educationists and 2 students on three key areas: general impact assessment; teaching and learning; and future impact of COVID-19 on PHEIs. The findings revealed that COVID-19 may create a barrier to the successive growth of tertiary education in terms of dropping enrolment in the coming academic years. The study also indicates that PHEIs may face trouble in the salary payment of their academic and non-academic staff. Even, many staff may lose their jobs. Thus, Covid-19 may psychologically affect the community of PHEIs. Based on the findings, this research recommends that the government should offer a financial package to protect PHEIs in order to effectively tackle the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. The findings of this study, conducted at the very early stages of coronavirus spread in Bangladesh, will be important for policymakers in further improving the capacity of PHEIs in Bangladesh in facing a crisis. The study also suggests that future research considering more samples and involving all stakeholders need to continue to effectively measure the real impact and severity of COVID-19 on PHEIs.