Employees Perception on Training Effectiveness – A Study on Garments Industry of Bangladesh


  • Samia Shabnaz American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)
  • Sumona A. Mim American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)


Employee Perception, Training, Garments Industry, Bangladesh


The garments sector of Bangladesh contributes significantly to the GDP by creating about 4.2 million employment opportunities. This industry is now facing new challenges due to the fast globalization and technological development. For gaining a major source of competitive advantage in a global market organization need to improve capabilities, knowledge and skill of the talented workforce. Thus, to cope with their challenges, effective training program are needed by all manufacturing organization. Training effectiveness depends on few things and these are trainer’s knowledge and capabilities, deliverable methods of trainers, training contents and objectives. Several studies highlighted the importance of training on the employee performance through the learning process. This study focused on the perception of employees on effectiveness of the training program and identified the relation of variables with training effectiveness perception. Self-developed questionnaire using Likert Scale was used to collect data from the sample size of 100 to do the study. The results were generated using SPSS Ver. 20 where Crosstab, frequency table was used. It is evident in this research that there is significant relationship exists with gender, education level and training frequency with the employee’s perception regarding the effectiveness of training program. The study will help the garments industry to design training program by focusing on factors which influences the perception of the employees regarding training effectiveness.




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