Exploring the Smartphone Application Development Sector of Bangladesh


  • A. T. M. Jakaria Khan University of Dhaka
  • Sutapa Bhattacharjee University of Dhaka


Smart Phone, Application, Challenges, Development Sector, Apps, IT Service


As the Smartphone becomes popular throughout the whole world, the demand for Smartphone applications is growing. Bangladesh, a new entrant, has got the potential to do well in this sector. By serving this growing and hugely demanding industry Smartphone application development sector of Bangladesh can play a major role in the export of Bangladesh. Having the necessary resources and the entrepreneurs to address the rising demand for Smartphone applications, what Bangladesh needs is integration of these. This study aimed at identifying the factors that are hampering that fine tuning, and came up with some recommendations regarding the prospective advancement of this sector. This study mostly relied on Qualitative methods such as FGD and KII. It was revealed that adequate workforce is the most important factor for the growth of this sector, and we need more skilled workers in this industry.




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