Management Practice and Project Performance among Manufacturing Industries in Malaysia


  • Jacquline Tham Management & Science University
  • Khondaker Sazzadul Karim American International University - Bangladesh
  • S. M. Ferdous Azam Management & Science University


Management practice, Project performance, Manufacturing industries, Malaysia


This research examines the factors influencing management practice and project performance in Malaysia's manufacturing industries. To accomplish the study's goal, the contractors who have been chosen are divided into two categories: outstanding and first-class. The target audience consisted of 21 construction companies. In the second place, the consulting engineering offices that have been registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry are targeted. The third target audience consisted of business owners or top-tier operators. A sample size of 443 respondents was utilized to evaluate respondents' perceptions of critical success factors and the impact of total quality management adoption in construction facilities projects in Malaysia's manufacturing industry. According to the findings of this research, continuous improvement is also beneficial when companies seek to enhance the performance of their employees. This is because manufacturing companies will satisfy their employees most suitably with constant progress. Using this measuring methodology, it was discovered that there are positive and significant interrelationships between a company's quality culture, resource management, management practice, and overall performance in Malaysia's manufacturing industries. Furthermore, the results may be applied to other developing nations and the governments of emerging economies to take advantage of economic possibilities in a meaningful way. The research will also be helpful to companies in terms of better understanding the benefits and difficulties connected with the implementation of comprehensive quality management in this industry in a timely and effective way.




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