Cross-cultural Facets in Business Communication: Corporate Realities and Current Classroom Teaching Trends


  • Faheem Hasan Shahed American International University-Bangladesh
  • A. T. M. Sajedul Huq BRAC University Dhaka


In today's global trend, culture has turned out to be one of the most pivotal aspects in business interactions across countries and continents. Cultural diversities affect more clearly, dominate business dealings. Today's business executives and corporate employees need to have the appropriate communicative skills in terms of cross-cultural dimensions Business Communication, being a premier course in the Bachelors and Masters level of Business studies, is considered to be the most effective platform to train the business students in this cross-cultural issue of business relations. Apart from dealing with business letters, interoffice correspondence, report writing and organizational affairs, Business Communication is supposed to provide all necessary inputs regarding cross-cultural features that would enable the students to cope with the present realities of the corporate world both nationally and internationally, But, the pertinent queries are: To what extent is cross-cultural communication being taken care of in the teaching-learning of Business Communication? In other words, how far are our students of different business schools being equipped to meet the challenges of communicative complexities that result from cultural diversities around the world? How far are innovation and idea generation encouraged in the Business Communication classrooms? How interesting and inventive is the teaching method to the students? Is the syllabus of this course being updated and modernized keeping in pace with the changing corporate culture of our country, as well as of our neighboring nations with whom we are in the process of opening new business frontiers? Our study has aimed at discovering these realities of classroom situation in Business Communication with regard to the gradual changes in the present corporate culture.




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