Human Resource Mobility: An Analytical Study on The Private University Teachers of Bangladesh


  • Taimur Reza Sharif American International University-Bangladesh
  • Sharmin Jamal Ena University of Dhaka


The job mobility' factor has got remarkable importance in the traditional theory of human capital. This study is being undertaken to develop and validate the conceptual and operational framework of human capital theory that focuses on the 'mobility factor of the human resources in the labor market. This study brings the human resource trainers/developers, commonly known as teachers or instructors, in the private sector university education in Bangladesh under consideration. This study takes keen interest in this tertiary sector of our economy due to the recent years' performance of the private universities in creating lucrative opportunities in the job market of Bangladesh. Since a huge number of private universities are coming into operation in very recent years, some factors [internal as well as external] may induce the faculty members to quit the present job and switch to others. This study, therefore, attempts to find out the factors that the private university authority may take care of while structuring the job facilities for their academic employees. For choosing the factors this study uses the human mobility theories available in the economic literature. Moreover, the available empirical studies in the developed country context are also utilized for accuracy of the study.




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